‘The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing’ - Albert Einstein


1. We speak out on children's issues
We are interventionalists; we intervene on behalf of children's issues through the media, or directly with the source. As such we
provide children with a voice on child-specific topics, including issues of child exploitation, injustice, violence, trafficking, and abuse. One Child is not affiliated with any religious, political or cultural organization or institution.

2. We provide training
to the public, child advocates, university students, law enforcement and medical professionals.
The One Child 101 program provides ongoing training on the following topics
       1. Child abuse and prevention.
       2. Domestic Violence and the link to child abuse.
       3. The Commercial Exploitation of Children - Kristi House/Project Gold Program (Read).

3. We advise
the media, elements of  the judiciary, child advocates. and the public, on child abuse prevention and domestic
violence issues.
members of government agencies and NGOs on aspects of child abuse prevention programs including the development and administration of voluntary Guardian ad Litem programs (from concept to implementation)

4. We are a media resource
One Child International is a media source about violent and non-violent child abuse, crimes against children and women, domestic violence and prevention strategies. [Clients include national and International print and broadcast media:

In addition we carry out our mission to protect children online through the Child AbuseWatch network.
(www.abusewatch.net). The site provides,

Online Crisis Resource Referrals: Emergency and crisis referral information is available. Victim services information is also provided.

Resources: Extensive resources, reports and statistics are available for the public, law enforcement and health professionals who deal with children, particularly first responders. Domestic Violence is also well covered.

Program information is available in multiple languages


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